Byaasgaard kiosk, café and reception

Byaasgaard has a delicious selection of drinks and snacks - including local roasted coffee, locally produced ice cream from Isøre Icecream - Beer from Det våde får (the wet Sheep) and Halsnæs brewery - meat from Ellingegaard (our neighbour). 

Remember - you can order breakfast every day. Order at the kiosk or send an email. 

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Opening hours: Kiosk, café and reception

week 27-32:

every day
8-12 & 14-19

Out of high-season

8-12 & 14-15
8-12 & 14-17

seasonally open

Byaasgaard are open alle summer - 1. april to 1. October

Take a walk down by the water: Open to everyone - all year round!